Pat is the epitome of both curiosity and learning; he’s been programming and learning how computers work since he was five years old. As an Implementation Specialist as CemSites, Pat is part of our first line of support to our clients, as well as converting client paper documents into web-based interactive documents. He also helps acclimate the client to their software, providing clients those “ah-ha” moments as they learn their systems.

Pat truly loves seeing a website or document coming to life from nothing and that drive to learn and improve upon his own skills shows in his work and interactions with clients and coworkers alike. Additionally, Pat is an active member of Stack Overflow, Github, and Team Treehouse, which provides online forums for computer science professionals to discuss and assist one another.

When Pat isn’t at CemSites, he enjoys all the fun outdoor life brings, including camping, fishing, and riding his motorcycle. Most importantly, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Pat can be reached at

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