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Can I integrate my existing records with Secure CRM?

You sure can! We will help you migrate your data from any other program; we even help cleanse and make associations. Our system comes with several auditing tools to help you note and verify accuracy of your data. You won’t know how to manage your cemetery without these tools ever again.

What if my records are not yet in electronic format?

It’s our pleasure to help you! You don’t need any electronic records to get started with our software. We have several solutions to help you make the transition from old hand-written filing systems to our full text-searching software.

How much does CemSites software cost?

We offer a wide range of services and strive to help all cemeteries improve their operations with our technology in an affordable manner. We have small clients with cemeteries that are only a few acres as well as large clients with multiple locations. Our pricing is based upon a implementation and monthly fee. If you contact us, we will be glad to give you a ballpark on the services you choose.

How long will it take to implement Secure CRM?

We implement full turnkey solutions within months—not years.

Does your software come with accounts receivable management?

Yes! The AR Finance Module add-on can streamline your cemetery’s receivables process and export data to other software, such as QuickBooks. Features include payment tracking and management, printable receipts and invoices, custom reports and KPI, contract automation, and management and tax consideration. Learn more here.

What does it mean that Secure CRM is “web-based”?

Web-based CRM means that your data is more secure than paper records, local network, or desktop computer. Our servers are backed up to more than one off-site location on a daily basis, audited annually for PCI and HIPAA compliance, and protected by armed guards 24/7/365. Web-based software also means that your data is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection; you no longer need to come into the office to access your vital information.

What happens to my data in Secure CRM if I choose not to use the software someday?

Part of our philosophy is that your data is your data. We will never hold it ransom for fear of losing a client. You can download your database to store it on your local computer whenever you want with just a click!