Grave Mapping


Navigation Solutions

Online mapping tools made for cemeteries

The Grave Mapping add-on works with Secure CRM to allow cemeteries to plot and display the location of graves within an intuitive interface. With our Walk-to-Site navigation and CemVision360 tools, visitors and new staff members can quickly find graves without assistance or explore cemeteries at ground-level right from their computers.

Mapping features

Grave Mapping offers multi-plot cemetery mapping, record and website synchronization. Use our built-in auditing features and instant search results with color-coded location status to sell graves in seconds. It is easy to integrate with an existing website platform and works well for cemeteries with multiple locations.

Mobile navigation

By using Walk-to-Site mobile navigation, finding graves is now not only visual, but also interactive! Just use a tablet or smartphone to walk straight to a specific grave — no app needed.

360-degree mapping

CemVision360 is interactive, 360-degree mapping of cemeteries that allows the grounds to be explored without the long walk or having to brave inclement weather. Staff can use CemVision360 to give tours to potential customers without leaving the office, and the public can use this tool to visually “walk” to gravesites and connect with their heritage from the comfort of their homes.