Accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management for cemeteries

The AR Finance Module works in conjunction with Secure CRM to provide an efficient and reliable way to streamline your cemetery’s entire receivables process and export data to other software.

Financing features

Our AR Finance Module boasts a variety of features, including payment tracking and management, printable receipts and invoices, custom reports and KPI on receivables and payment statuses, account status, and contract, disbursement and estimate automation. The module also allows for easy data export to transfer information right into other accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

AR Finance Module can connect with CemSites’ Sales Module to easily convert estimates into invoices or contracts.


The power of partnership

Sync CemSites’ AR Finance Module with trust solutions from Funeral Services, Inc. for one streamlined software tool for both perpetual care trust and cemetery management. It’s full-service, it’s robust — it’s all here to benefit both you and your community.