Company overview

We are a fresh, forward-thinking company established in 2012 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With more than 15 years of experience in technology and marketing, CemSites provides complete, easy and intuitive record management software for cemetery organizations. CemSites strives to improve the workflow of every cemetery with tools to visualize data, plot and display graves, manage finances, sell products online and more.

We invested years perfecting our cemetery-focused customer relationship management software and its framework. Our team released trial versions to numerous cemeteries and analyzed their needs so that our software has all of the core functionality and adaptability needed for a variety of organizations.

Made in the USA

We take pride that all aspects of CemSites’ software—including coding—are crafted and perfected in the USA. Our software engineers, support staff and marketing team are all in-house. CemSites firmly believes in supporting not only our local economy, but also the American economy by not outsourcing and keeping jobs in the United States.


Our mission

Our mission is to bring the time and money-saving benefits of modern technology to every cemetery organization within a reasonable budget. Our philosophy embraces the values of heritage and perpetual care — the same values that every community should expect from their local cemetery.