I graduated high school from Frazier in 2015. Since then I have been going to Penn State Fayette, for business administration with an accounting option. I plan to graduate from Penn State in December of 2018. My career accomplishments would be in my former job. I did not have any education in that field and I started right out of high school. I knew nothing when I started, but when I finished I could do pretty much anything that any of my superiors would tell me to do.

My role at CemSites is an administrator in the office. Some of my duties include keeping track of the books, going to the bank, and being the in-between for the sales team and development team. The best thing about my career is that the sky is the limit. There is always something else that a business major can get into. For example, I could start my own business or expand my duties here. Business is everywhere and that makes the possibilities endless. My motivation for my work is just to excel in my career. I want to be the best that I can be in any position. I work toward that every day in some way or another.

The only professional group that I belong to is Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout. Once you become an Eagle Scout you are in the organization for life. My hobbies outside of the office include fishing, boating, and carpentry. I have been fishing for 2 years consistently and have gone to some pretty interesting places because of it. The boating is because of the fishing, I bought and restored an old bass boat that a friend of mine was selling and have been boating ever since. My carpentry is my biggest hobby. I started building things as gifts when I was still in high school and it has evolved into building bigger and better things. I always strive to be better at carpentry.

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